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Your Wedding

First of all let us congratulate you for deciding to get married; that was the easy bit! Now there are a number of things to sort out, when planning your wedding, once you've got a date in mind.

PRIORITY NUMBER ONE - Check your photographer is available – that's where we come in!

As you'll see, as you continue reading on, having got everything planned to the last detail; you'll want to make sure you're in safe hands when it comes to keeping a record of your one big day – so book us here at Garry Sandison Photographers, to be assured of having an album you'll be proud of for years to come.

Give us a call or book a time for an informal chat, over coffee, to view our albums and ask any questions you might have. We like to bring out your personalities in our photos of you, so we like to get to know a little about you both, so we can do our best for you, on the day.

And here's the list I promised at the beginning of other things you need to think about.

  • Wedding Dress / Tiara / Veil / Shoes
  • Bridesmaids Frocks/Shoes
  • Rings / Jewellery
  • Suits/Kilts/Ties/Cravats/Shirts/Shoes
  • Gifts for bridesmaids/best men/parents
  • Hall Decorations
  • Order of service
  • Marriage / Reception Venues
  • Band
  • Cake / Caterers
  • Hairdresser
  • Flowers/ Button-holes
  • Favours for the tables / Backdrop
  • Invitations

And above all you need a good network of family and friends to help with all those 'little extras' that will make your day complete. Right, now you've realised how much planning goes into a wedding, give us a call on (01595) 696 700 so you can cross one thing off your list!

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